But why would I want to do this?!

Courtney answers:

Because there is so much to be done.

And because I can.

I can row from California to Hawaii not only because I am physically strong, but because I live peacefully in the USA, I am healthy, and with much help and sponsorship, I will have the means to make the trip.

But, there are so many people who cannot do what I am doing because they don't live in a peaceful nation- or their world has been rocked by a natural disaster. Or, perhaps, they don't have or can't get to adequate healthcare. These people are not rowing NOT because they just don't want to or haven't trained to do so...they are not rowing because they literally cannot.

And, therein lies the main reason why I am rowing...

It is my hope that my row will raise awareness and funds for Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders is a non-profit, international humanitarian organization that works specifically with many of these populations. Medical professionals from Doctors Without Borders go directly into war torn areas, areas effected by natural disasters, and areas suffering the effects of disease and famine and HELPS people- REGARDLESS of where the people in need are. 

 My participation in the Great Pacific Race 2018 will provide me with a platform from which I may raise awareness and funds for  non-profit organizations that serve refugees and others with needs similar.

They help people

And I'd like to help them.

Your donation will support this effort.



banner photo: www.GreatPacificRace.com(c)Rod Mayer