DC Modern Luxury, you do know how to throw a party!

So many thanks to Michael McCarthy, Editor-in-Chief, for his great support of my row, and to Mark Guenther, Account Executive, for making the connection.

How awesome to ditch the sneakers and don some heels for the night!


Thanks to 

What a great time!

Worked with some of the powerful men and women at 202Strong in North Bethesda. We talked technique, force curve, watts and splits. "Legs, body, arms," my friends, "Legs, body, arms!"   


A shout out to the people who keep me logging in the hours on the erg, in the pool, and on the pavement so I can log in the hours I need to on the Pacific!

Jordana Carmel

Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, and friend extraordinaire, thank you, thank you for soothing my over-worked muscles and putting my mind and body at ease!

David Fishkin

For 10 years now, Dr. Fishkin has used his combination of chiropractic care, dry needling, and deep tissue massage to heal what ails me. I'm icing Dr. Fishkin- promise!

 Yes, even my calves! Who knew?!

Yes, even my calves! Who knew?!



December 2, 2016

My FIRST radio interview!

Check out the link below and take a listen to me wax poetic about all things Great Pacific Race! Elliot, Diane, and Tyler of "Elliot in the Morning" on DC 101.1 were awesome!



December 1, 2016

Had a great time talking to Elliot, Diane, and Tyler on DC 101.1's "Elliot in the Morning" radio show this morning.

Many thanks to Elliot for taking the time to ask me so many great questions. And, yes, even the question about where I will have to do my business! 

Hoping to get a link to the clip so I can share it here.