Courtney Farber

Extroverted, curious, and quite energetic, Courtney has been restlessly wanting to do “something more” for a few years now.

Ever interested in new adventures, Courtney has taught English in Greece, and has been among other things, a volunteer fire fighter, a kindergarten teacher, and a boot camp instructor.

A mother or three, Courtney homeschooled 1, 2, or 3 of her children, now 17, 15, and 12, for over a decade before they all decided to enter school last year.

Aside from having kids, Courtney’s entrance into the Great Pacific Race may mark her greatest adventure yet.

The race speaks to many of Courtney’s passions:


Courtney has played just about every sport at some time in her life (except basketball!); crew being her favorite, water polo being the most challenging. She enjoys the physical and mental components of training hard and getting good almost as much as the competition itself. 

A Personal Trainer now, Courtney is honored to work with a fantastic group of men and women who work hard, want to get stronger, and who put up with Courtney -even when she mis-counts and does 12 reps instead of 8!




Simply put, Courtney wants to be involved and wants to make the world a better place. She notes that there are so many ways to help others- volunteering, donating, and even just looking someone in the eyes and saying, “Good morning.”

Here on the pulse of this new day
You may have the grace to look up and out
And into your sister’s eyes, into
Your brother’s face, your country
And say simply
Very simply
With hope
Good morning
— Maya Angelou


It's all about the ocean. From fine white sand beaches in Brooklyn, NY to black and red lava beaches in Greece, Courtney has always felt inspired, rejuvenated, and awed by the ocean. Her favorite experiences when sailing in Greece were when she could no longer see land- just water.

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.
— Isak Dinesan


Cazz Lander

A love of sport, the outdoors and adventure has seen Cazz take on many physically and mentally demanding challenges over the last few years from multiple ultra-marathons to two successful English Channel relay swimming crossings in 2017. Having tried her hand at most sports, rowing is relatively new to her and so she is looking forward to getting acquainted with a rowing boat in training over the next few months!

me 1.JPG

A sport scientist specialising in athlete health monitoring, she works full time in elite sport and has been fortunate to work at some of the biggest sporting events on the planet, including the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

A love for the ocean was installed at an early age growing up by the sea in Cornwall, and she spent many years working as a watersports instructor alongside school and university, so feels right at home on the water. Cazz is fascinated with exploring the limits of human potential and encourages people to get out of their comfort zones and push themselves to achieve something extraordinary.



banner photo: Beth Kanter