Sisters of the sea

That is how one of my new crew mates signed off on a note to me- she called us sisters of the sea. This, even after we realized I am old enough to be her mother (I am, actually, as old as her mother!). This, even though we are from different countries and we have different first languages. This, even before she knew pretty much anything about me other than my age, my home land, and that I want to row across the Pacific...

My other crew mate is full of questions: Why do I want to row? What am I afraid of? How am I training? She walked around her home picking up books (and her cat!) to show titles to read and even a picture of what "pizza bum" looks like- a horrible rash that can happen to one's butt from sitting in salt water logged clothes and rowing for hours on end. 

These are two of the three women I will spend 2+ moths with. Two months in tight quarters, dealing with sleep deprivation, often rough weather conditions, and physical and mental exhaustion. 

So, we talked about our fears (or lack there of- we seem to be pretty no-nonsense; goal is to keep a level head and take it one step at a time), our motivations, our goal (break the record), and even our musical taste (so important!). And, on my prompt, we talked about our ages. I have 20+ years on them. I wanted them to know I could pull my weight- that my age would be a benefit not a disadvantage. "No problem," they said. "Great."

But, then I had to check myself. Did I have a problem with their ages? How did I really feel about women in their late 20s taking the time and putting forth the energy, and the money, to take on such an adventure? What experiences will they have to call upon when shit hits the fan out there and they need bolstering?

And, I realized, I think it's freaking awesome they are doing this- at 27 and 28 they are defying convention and doing something most just don't do- kind of like how I am doing the same at 47. They are doing. Taking who they are and where they have come from and creating who they will be...kind of, just like, me. Twenty years difference, but not much different at all.

So, to my new found sisters, I have new books to read, a song list to add my favs to, and a feeling of hope.

This is good.