The same, but different...but the same

I ran across this picture of myself the other day and I keep looking at it. I am amazed at how different I look now and even more amazed at how much I look exactly the same

It's my hands that I keep looking at. They are so relaxed, but so at the ready. I half expect to see them open up into a, "What?" kind of gesture; palms turned slightly up. I also notice my feet- planted, barefoot then as now, firm to the ground, weight even, sure footed.

My expression though? Tough one. Maybe lingering signs of a recent argument with my brother Jonathan. Maybe a hint of disappointment. But, nevertheless, there is a look that says I am still going to do exactly what I had planned prior to whatever stopped me and got me to sit on these steps. Maybe someone told me I couldn't do something. Maybe I was just thinking, "OK, go ahead and think that." And, I knew better. 

This girl. Feet firmly but lightly on the ground. Hands relaxed but at the ready. Lips set, but not in a tense straight line. Eyebrows gently knit in concentration. I'm taking her with me across the ocean- she seems to know what she's doing. Oh so different and oh so the same.