Woman at sea

My dad sent me this image the other day. 

My Dad is often all about the image. Prints of all sizes adorn much of the wall space at my childhood home- large black and white prints of flowers, colorful beach chairs on the sand... a pensive Abraham Lincoln, and a favorite, which actually resides in my house now, of an on old bathroom mirror and sink with four lines of poetry. I could tell you much about my childhood just by remembering which print was on the walls at the time.

My dad writes below the image, "I see the same determination in her as in you." So, I look at her. And look at her again. Here she is, waves breaking against the hull of her boat. Spray flying this way and that. The storm rages and on she rows- checking her direction, preparing for the next stroke. Focused, sure, but calm. Sleeves rolled up, but not fighting the work she has to do. She works steadily on. I enlarge the picture to get a better look. She has a Mona Lisa look to her. There is a hint of a smile; something very knowing about her. I hear her say, "Bring it." Not in a cocky manner- she is not messing with Mother Nature. But she also is not cowering to her either. She is rowing steadily on. I look at her over and over. I am sure I will call upon her steady gaze and fearlessness many times as I cross the ocean attempting to be as determined as she.

Thanks Dad.