This has been a weird week. I had my first flash of, "What the hell am I doing?" "Will I be strong enough- mentally and physically?" "How do I best prepare for this?" "Can you prepare for this?" All of this in a flash. Bam. Internal silence. For 1, 2, 3 seconds. I share these thoughts with my kids- they look at me and laugh. "You got this mom." That's all that's said. I got this.

Not cocky. Not arrogant. Just done. 

And, now. I am stoked all over again. I feel like I am oozing all things Great Pacific Race. I listen to my interview on "Elliot in the Morning" from yesterday and I realize that I rarely stopped effusing about the race in order to breathe! I am that pumped. 

And that is good. It is good that 5 months after I made the call to Chris Martin at GPR announcing my interest, I am still all giddy about this. I have 18 months of training to go and then an ocean to cross- my enthusiasm will, I believe, be one of my greatest assets out there.