Strangers no more

In the bank yesterday updating my account for the non-profit. I ask a ton of questions and am grateful the young woman sitting across from me is patient, understanding, and is also really curious about my race. Conversation moves back and forth between what I need to do for my banking and what I will need to do during my race. We talk about getting out and "doing something" to make our mark, to get involved, to give of ourselves. We talk about where we are in life- she no more than late-20s, early 30s, me 47- and where we are going.  

Papers signed, it is time to open my account. $100 needed. I have $50 cash. I ask if I can use a credit card but am told I will need to withdraw cash from the ATM (and therefore pay a fee as my personal bank is different).  I am about to get up to do so, when this young woman gets up instead. As she walks to her purse she says, "I'd like to make a donation." My heart skips and I smile broadly- I thank her warmly, believing she is about to give me $50 cash so I can open my account. She turns and lays a $100 bill on the desk. I am dumbfounded. She proceeds to tell me that that bill has been in her purse for quite some time. She says this is the reason why. This is what she has been waiting to spend it on. I ask if I can hug her, she says yes, and I do.

Perhaps one of the greatest things I have gained in the short time I have been invested in this race is a real connection to people- to friends and strangers alike...I'm talking to people about dreams and adventures, aspirations, and obstacles too. It is a beautiful thing to connect with a person. Strangers no more.