Every time we tell people our intention to row across the Pacific Ocean, we are often asked a wonderful array of questions...here are some of them and the best answers we can give at this point!

If you have others, please shoot us an email and ask!

  • Wait, what did you just say?

Yes, we will be rowing from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, HI in an ocean worthy scull- no sails, no motors, no assistance! Each team will row approximately 2400-2800 miles.

  • How long will that take?

On average, a crew of four will take 35-55 days; a crew of two will row for 50-75 days.

  • What does the boat look like?

Each boat is about 23' long and 6' wide. There is an airtight berth for sleeping at one end and another small berth for storage at the other.


  • What do you eat and drink?

Gourmet food...NOT! Food consists predominantly of freeze dried meals and vacuum packed foods such as nuts and power bars. Water is taken from the ocean and run through a desalination pump. Each rower brings enough food to equal 4000 calories a day for 50-70 days.

  • Where do you...umm?


  • Where do you shower?


  • How do you train for such an event?

We train to increase both strength and endurance. This event is not a flat out race. We will row a relatively slow and steady pace- for the rowers out there, it's about a 16-18 strokes/minute pace with a 2:30-3:00/500m split. Two hours rowing, two hours rest, day after day, week after week. We also practice meditation and visualization to help get through the more challenging bits!

  • Is it safe?

Yes...and no. Yes because each participant must take courses in First Aid for Mariners, Personal Sea Survival Techniques, Basic and Advanced Boating Skills, Advanced Navigation, and VHF Radio use. Also, the race organizers provide 24/7 medical assistance via VHF and have a support yacht circulating among the competitors. Weather updates are given daily and crew can even call home from time to time. It is, however, the Pacific Ocean...

banner photo: www.GreatPacificRace.com(c)Rod Mayer