Your Donations in Action

All donations collected will be applied directly and totally to our participation in the 2018 Great Pacific Race and to the charitable organizations selected by the team.

Putting ourselves out there- seeing what it feels like to cross a grand body of water, telling our story, and doing whatever we can to encourage ourselves, and others, to make a difference.

This is how your donation will be used.

Thank you.


Seat Fee

As none of is have a boat and crew of our own to race with, The GPR Organizers will play a very skilled game of matchmaker and create crews of participants who want to get on the water no matter what. We will arrive in CA to start the race with our personal gear, our food, and our will...the boat with all the safety and tracking gear will already be there. $19k


Coursework and Field Experience

Preparation for the GPR includes everything from theoretical classes in Basic Boat Safety, use of VHF radios, and Advanced Navigation to hands on instruction in Personal Sea Survival techniques, First Aid for Mariners, and becoming a competent crew member of a sailboat. The GPR Organizers are intent on each rower knowing how to set a course for HI and how to overcome any obstacles the Pacific presents. $1,500


Freeze dried meals, nuts, protein bars, supplements, and digestive enzymes- 4,000 calories a day- every day. $4k


Gear &Transport

Seat pad, cover, sleeping gear, fair and foul weather clothing, and getting to CA and home from HI and a place to stay in both locations. $4k


Charitable Giving

A main function of 2400 Miles will be to raise awareness and funds for charitable giving. 100% of funds raised beyond the needs of the expenses listed will be donated.