Courtney is raising funds and awareness for Doctors Without Borders, a leading humanitarian organization providing critical medical care to people with the greatest need regardless of who and where they are.

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In 2015, Doctors Without Borders was directly involved with helping and rescuing 23,700 refugees and migrants. They stationed boats long the "migration route" saving lives when ever possible.

Still, more than 3,771 people lost their lives attempting a sea crossing to Europe.

I have sat on some of those beaches where people were fleeing to. In Greece. And Turkey. And Italy. I have laughed and swam and sat in the sun under the endless blue Mediterranean and Aegean skies. Now, when I think of those waters and that sky, I have so many other thoughts in mind.

But, those are only the beaches of Europe. It is estimated that 65 million people are now displaced having fled their homes in many countries in Africa and the Middle East as well. And, for those en route to anywhere safer, and for those who have remained, medical care is scarce at best, non-existent more likely.

Below reviews some of the many ways Doctors Without Borders has assisted with the medical needs of the millions of people affected by war, natural disaster, and famine and drought.

 Information on MSF activities found at:

Many of us are well aware of the international refugee crisis that is occurring at this time. Many of us are also aware of natural disasters such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma that have rocked areas in the United States and throughout the Caribbean. But, although I knew about these events from the newspapers and other sources, I am continually blown away by the numbers I read when looking at the statistics on the Doctors Without Borders ( website. 

Raise awareness. Raise funds. Donate.

I am not a doctor. I am not a nurse nor any other kind of medical professional. But I swim in the same waters that people are crossing to get to safety. I breathe the same air. I am flesh and blood and have hopes and dreams and fears.

I will take to the great Pacific and feel the rise and fall of the waves knowing that at the race's end, my family and friends will be there to welcome me ashore. I will have food and medical care and shelter. I can only try to provide the same for others.

Raise awareness. Raise funds.