Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.
— Joyce Meyer

Unlike previously planned, I will not be participating in the 2018 Great Pacific Race, rowing 2400 miles from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, HI. BUT, I will be doing many other things while I wait my turn to row the ocean...because I have absolutely no doubt I will row an ocean.

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The reason? To compete in the Great Pacific Race, "the world's ultimate endurance challenge"

and break a world record in the process.

We are aiming to break the current all-female world record by completing the row within 50 days, 19 hours and 14 minutes. That's 50 days on a 24-foot boat, rowing a continuous cycle of 2 hours on, 2 hours off. We will live on the boat and be entirely self-sufficient; our food, medical supplies and electrical equipment will all be with us, so it's up to us to fix things if they go wrong and survive against the elements.

It's not only a challenge of physical endurance, but a test of mental stamina and problem-solving skills too. We will learn the basics of sea survival, navigation and fixing electrical equipment before we head out to sea, but what do you do when your water maker is broken, you're 600 miles from land and only have a sat-phone for support? You adapt. You find a solution, it's a question of survival.

More people have ventured into space than have rowed an ocean.

One half of the boat is now filled. Two of the four women of Team 2400 Miles. One in England, one in the United States. The final two crew are in the selection process - not only do we require good athletes, we need a crew whose personalities gel, crew who can deal with intense mental pressures and push through sleep deprivation, aching bodies and sea sickness, giving 100% each time they are on the oars. 

Team 2400 Miles.


A sponsor pack with information about becoming a corporate sponsor for Team 2400 Miles will be available shortly.